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pioneer sx 1250 price In any case, you are required to register at least one deposit account (either in HKD or RMB) for receiving account either by mobile number or email address or FPS identifier or HKID Number, where appropriate. Under each Proxy ID, in maximum how many accounts I can register? If a Typhoon Signal No.8 or a Black Rainstorm warning is hoisted at 8:15a.m. For Sole Personal Account customer, you may register up to three Proxy IDs (i.e. 8), the request will be processed on the next business day. For instruction made after the above-mentioned time or under special occasions (e.g. Subsequently, a User ID, Password (and Alpha Password for Business Net Banking customers) will be sent to you. For FPS Identifier, as it is provided by HKICL, you cannot change the number of FPS Identifier. the beneficiary account and deducted from the transfer amount at the recipient bank's discretion. Please refer to "Service Charges - General Banking Services" on the Bank's website for details. Paysafe Financial Services Limited (FRN: 900015) is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuance of electronic money and payment instruments. For Sole Personal Account and Joint Account customers, you may select email address or mobile number (which is used for receiving SMS OTP) as your Proxy ID. Public Bank, a complete one-stop financial portal, offering a range of accounts, credit cards, ... As a merchant, you'll be making it more convenient for thousands of credit card holders to shop at your store. You could customize your Username upon your first-time login after application of our Net Banking Services. If your PBHK Pay is terminated in view of any aforementioned reasons, please register PBHK Pay again. 8009 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<3941C65023B0441E92DA3C05DC2EFE48>]/Index[7996 23]/Info 7995 0 R/Length 74/Prev 329137/Root 7997 0 R/Size 8019/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Besides the communication channel is protected by a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, your User ID, password and transaction detail are further protected by strong encryption, including 1024-bit RSA and 256-bit Triple-DES, to make sure it is not accessible by any other. Yes, you can access "View FPS registrations at other banks" in "Addressing Summary" to cancel your FPS registration record in other banks. Public Bank (Hong Kong) provides a comprehensive range of retail and commercial banking services and is committed to serve its customers in Hong Kong and Greater China. Alliance Merchant Bank Berhad: Merchant Bank. Can I deactivate push notification of PBHK Pay mobile application? Once you have clicked "confirm" for the instruction, the instructions has been accepted and cannot be reversed. Major services of "e-Bill" are stated: Are the 2 payment platforms sharing the same daily transaction limit? Who can access this function? How do I know whether my instruction has been accepted or not, in case there is a interruption during the transmission? to see your instruction has been done What is the "cut-off" time to perform Internet Banking transactions? Advise on the size and price of the issue. Afterwards, customers can assign the user right to staff by Business Administrator(s). You can simply input payee's bank account number to make a transfer. If you have any doubt or questions, Merchant Bank; Exempt Capital Markets Services Entity +65 63083000: 10 MARINA BOULEVARD #24-01 MARINA BAY FINANCIAL CENTRE TOWER 2 018983: You may need to use SMS OTP to make payments on certain bill types. How do I know my instructions have been accepted? High Risk Category includes: a) JETCO's unregistered high risk merchants under the categories of i) Banking and Credit Card Services; and ii) Credit Services and b) e-Bill's high risk merchants. However, delivery of SMS relies on the support from your telecommunication company. Yes. In order to do so, you will need to update your mobile number in bank record by visiting any branch of the Bank and re-register PBHK Pay. For using mobile number as Proxy ID, is it only available for using Hong Kong mobile number to register "FPS-Addressing Services"? If you deleted FPS Identifier or HKID Number as the Proxy ID, no account would be linked for receiving fund. No, pre-registration feature is currently not available at "e-Bill". "����)@��j��< �l�Xf ������``U�kz]��óuW��u�,��? For Corporate customers, you may select email address or request HKICL via PBHK to generate a FPS Identifier as your Proxy ID. The existing password and default debit account setting will be erased accordingly. Is there any transaction limit for "Transfer" in PBHK Pay? To avoid transaction spoofing, session will be automatically time-out when it is idle for 20 minutes. and a recommended browser. "e-Bill" Can I amend or delete my 'Scheduled instruction'? Each of the 2 payment platforms provides its own list of merchants. Registering for Payroll Service on Business Net Banking and paying to Public Bank (Hong Kong) account is free. Can the initiator notify the signers to sign on urgent instructions through Business Net Banking? Merchant Report System Login Please enter your username and password In case there is any interruption The "FPS-Addressing Services" registration will generally be effective in few seconds, you can check the registration status at "Addressing Summary". 3. FPS (Faster Payment System) is a real-time payment platform provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited ("HKICL"). Generally, PBHK Pay is available after the registration in PBHK Pay mobile application and activation of small-value transfer in Net Banking are both successfully completed; except: (a) You deactivate PBHK Pay via Net Banking; or, (b) You terminate the Net Banking service; or. "JETCO" & "e-Bill" wait. How do I register for the Payroll service? One-time Password (OTP) is a security feature which sends a random number to your registered local mobile phone number via a SMS for additional identity authentication. If there is no transaction under the Online Payroll Services for 12 consecutive months, the daily limit for Online Payroll Services will be reset to "Zero". No. It allows customers a 24X7 fund transfer services by using mobile number, email address and/or FPS identifier. one mobile number and one email address and one HKID Number). "JETCO" Do not disclose your customer I.D. What "JETCO" Yes. I have a joint account can both of us register for PBHK Pay using the same account? You can view the latest 50 transaction under "Message" in PBHK Pay. Please pay special attention to the completeness and accuracy of the information before confirming your transfer instruction. Can I reverse an instruction should I change my mind? Typhoon Signal No. "e-Bill" provides a consolidated platform for merchants to disseminate electronic bills to customers for customers' receiving and viewing bills, and making subsequent payments through PBHK Net Banking. Coming listing will be RHB, AmBank, Hong Leong Bank and other Government Agencies. Please note that the Username cannot be changed once created and confirmed. of the instruction? While acting as a banker to an issue, a merchant banker has to disclose full details to the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). For bill payment through the 2 payment platforms, is there any other Terms & Conditions I need to accept further to the "Net Banking Services Agreement"? Please note that this function is only available if the same mobile number or email address is set for Proxy ID is also registered in PBHK. h޼UmS7����L����n&Ì 8!��b�iS>[��������w��1a��t����j�Z�=�6��Jb�I��9�*�uH�8�~��T��&��؏"•`��;���d��� N�:7t�����j��l@;��Ái��ja�bYY8�s��8c��U�o��oƶp�&�S}��l�HDq67�к7�Tfl�䕭SL�2�-2;u���;�p�a �pn`�0��!�r(��p��[�˷ph�������̬!�C�,\�[�}ޓ2,a���>^�����l��p蒿�;֦�=y�j���PS�0%�Atbr��W'��_7;�6;����֍��H{Ѩ� ǘ;���N1�,�0t6�$R�a���:uZ����U(W!�]�X��ۅ�b\N�b���Mz?泌��:>��Z��k��J�q����y��s.�OE��� Time of receipt issuance varies between charity organizations. Is there any preset limit for Payroll service online? To receive an OTP, you should ensure that your mobile phone is switched on and under network coverage. For Proxy ID registered using mobile number or email address, if you have set PBHK as default receiving bank, once you deleted that registration in PBHK, the latest registration of other bank record with the same Proxy ID shall automatically be assigned as default receiving bank. How many Proxy ID I may register in maximum? The Bank will continue to expand its branch network to serve the customers and public at large wholeheartedly with high quality services. Please press here for the Terms and conditions for Bank Services relating to Faster Payment System. Do I need to pay any additional charges or annual fee for the PBHK Net Banking? Any Sole Personal Account, Joint Account or Corporate Account of Net Banking customers with one HKD and/or one RMB deposit account which has/have been linked to Net Banking is eligible for "FPS-Addressing Services". Shop now, pay later! During non-office hours, your report will be recorded at the hotline and our handling staff will contact you for account reactivation in the morning of next business day. Yes. Is the PBHK Pay registration perpetually valid? What do I need to get started on PBHK Personal and Business Net Banking? "FPS-Addressing Services" registration can only be registered via Net Banking. The PBHK Net Banking is also physically located in an isolated area with restricted access. No handling charge for bill payment is required. Acting as manager to the issue, and helping in accepting applications and allotment of securities. The transaction has been initiated by you and requires another signer to approve. It is subject to the handling process of payee bank. How do I register or update my mobile phone number for receiving an OTP? What type of account I can bind for "FPS-Addressing Services" receiving account? Then you can enjoy the convenience of our Public Bank Net Banking services. Merchant Bank Een Merchant Bank is een financiële instelling die zich richt op uitdagende financiële adviestrajecten en complexe transacties voor grote ondernemingen en vermogende consumenten. Check if the information is correct and input the transaction details, 5. Public Bank branches list has just updated into The details submitted by merchant banker about the public issue should contain the following. 9. After an instruction has been approved by signers, the names However, certain fee may be charged by your telecom or other related service provider(s) for data, SMS and/or telephone call you used for PBHK Pay. function. Furthermore, we have a strong session control, which verify that every single transaction must be initiated by the original login user. Upon first time access to "e-Bill", you are required to read and accept the relevant Terms & Conditions before using the service. to sign on urgent instructions through Business Net Banking? List of banks in Africa; Central Bank of Nigeria; Economy of Nigeria; References External links. What For the list of merchants* supported by "e-Bill", please click here. As an authorised signer, why cannot I approve the instruction? Never walk away from your computer with your account information on the screen. Do you wish to proceed? For an instruction that requires multiple authorizations, In case you have confirmed a false transaction, please contact the Bank for assistance immediately. endstream endobj 8000 0 obj <>stream You can make payroll payment of up to HKD2,000,000 per day or predefined daily limit. Do not write down or record the password without disguise. Furthermore, you can perform "transaction enquiry" or "Approval History Enquiry" (for business and joint personal customers) You should free up some phone memory / SIM memory, restart your handset and retry. What should I do if I forget my password? For bill payment through the 2 payment platforms, is there any other Terms & Conditions I need to accept further to the PBHK "Net Banking Services Agreement"? Yes, the services are available If you wish to use another mobile device, you have to install PBHK Pay mobile application and complete the registration process. Several of today's leading merchant banks include J.P. Morgan ( JPM ), Goldman Sachs ( GS ), and Citigroup ( C ). I need to pay any additional charges or annual fee for the PBHK Net Banking? e-mail via the function "Message to Bank" or call our e-Banking Do I need to register "FPS-Addressing Services" again after changing the mobile number or email address maintained with PBHK? If I deleted my Proxy ID in PBHK, will the setting of default receiving bank be affected? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For email address or mobile number or HKID Number, you may register the addressing services again at PBHK Net Banking "FPS-Address Services". When there is heavy traffic, access from anywhere in the world as long as you have a connection to the Internet The funds will be credited into the PBHK's registered third party account immediately if your instruction is accepted. Merchant banks began operating as organized money marketsMoney MarketThe money market is an organized exchange market where participants can lend and borrow short-term, high-quality debt securities with average maturities of one year or less.consisting of merchants financing the transactions of other merchants. AmMerchant Bank Berhad: Merchant Bank. PBHK will execute the transfer instruction immediately once upon receiving your instruction. do I need to get started on PBHK Personal and Business Net Banking? Payroll service on Business Net Banking service provides an efficient and effective way to make salary payment to your employees and the funds can be transferred to any bank account in Hong Kong. What are the differences for Bill Payment between "JETCO" and via "e-Bill"? iv) You have switched off your mobile phone / not under network coverage. one email address and one FPS Identifier). Check if the information is correct and input the transaction details, 4. If you access PBHK Net Banking via Chinese platform, we will send SMS in traditional Chinese characters to your mobile phone number. "e-Bill" is an interruption during the transmission? Each customer can only use PBHK Pay on one mobile device at the same time. Apart from HKD, which type of currency can I select for receiving fund via Proxy ID? If you forget both Username and Net Banking Account Number, please call our e-Banking Support Hotline at (852) 2541 9206 during office hours or visit our branches nearby for assistance. Please report to PBHK immediately if you notice any unusual transaction. Which operating system can PBHK Pay supports? {Account number}, {Name}, {Currency}, {Amount}, {Staff ID} "e-Bill" If you forget your Password, please visit any of our branches for re-issuance of new Password. What are the differences for Bill Payment between "JETCO" and via "e-Bill"? v) You are abroad or using telecommunication company which does not support international SMS. The 2 payment platforms are sharing the same daily transaction limit of "Bill Payment". be reversed. the old mobile number or old email address or HKID Number) will automatically be cancelled upon the change becomes effective. Project Counselling: A project counseling basically by following three steps – preparing the project reports, determining the right financing option, and assessing the merit of the project reports with the banks and financial institutions.Project counseling also involves filling up application forms and trying to fund the project via banks or financial institutions. To protect yourself, please avoid using easy-to-guess password as your password of PBHK Pay. Read this article to know the list of Public/Nationalised Banks in India 2020. Scan the QR code presented by payee/choose the QR code from mobile device's photos gallery, 4. We are concerned that information arrived at the PBHK Net Banking are processed with great care. If a Typhoon Signal No.8 or a Black Rainstorm warning is hoisted on the execution date, will the "Scheduled Payment" be executed? %PDF-1.4 %���� The information will be updated on the effective date that set by you. "JETCO" & "e-Bill" is the daily limit for online transaction / application via Net Banking? How can I change my Proxy ID maintained with PBHK? Since you cannot take a physical telephone with you while you are away from home. How can I ensure the security of my PBHK Pay? _%b/����S��E�MzMf���oY���k���r��;X�w�n���|��*_ |dw䫧R������~t��;/�Rbu#�:�n;�gy�^�[�������(�h�xGBJV�M�m�7�=�}R�ML�/q. OTP is required when you conduct certain high-risk transactions as defined by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. We will send the OTP according to the registered local mobile phone number on our record. "e-Bill" provides bill payment service according to its supported list of merchants. You should timely check the push notification(s), SMS message(s) and/or e-mail(s) and verify your transaction records to keep aware if there is any unusual transaction. �� For FPS Identifier, business administrator may reactivate the FPS Identifier number within 2 months upon deletion, and the same FPS Identifier will be used again. For most of the instructions, you will be prompted to confirm your instructions after you have submitted For registering FPS Identifier as the Proxy ID, there is no prerequisite and customer can register at Net Banking directly. For Sole Personal Account, you may select HKID number as your Proxy ID to receive payment and transfer from institutions, corporates and the HKSAR government. Corporate customers can fill out and select the daily limit for Payroll service on Business Net Banking application form. traffic at the time of access. Can I make donations via the 2 platforms? Can I pre-register an account so that I can make payments on certain bill types without using SMS One-Time Password ("OTP")? {Account number}, {Name}, {Currency}, {Amount}, {Staff ID} Please refer to the below formatComma-separated values (CSV) format (.csv or .txt files) for importing Payroll file. Also occasionally changing your Password may give you better protection. What is the prerequisite and Who is eligible for "FPS-Addressing Services" registration? Your telecommunication company may levy charges on international SMS or even not allow you to receive SMS while in overseas. during transmission of your instruction, you may check the "transaction After verification of your identity (Account Holders for Personal / Joint Account and Administrator for Business Account), we shall reactivate your PBHK Net Banking Account immediately. To which parties can I pay my bills to via Public Bank Net Banking ? This listing is based on September 2017 branches listing in the official Public Bank website. Signers A/B/C and normal users. (5) About PBHK Net Banking Security and Technical Issue. How ��^�a7o>s�ͬ��1�B&��W�}�5���RA��GIh����Hn��G+�Ȥ핈ѧ�X+¹z���(Ȕ��L �d�C��iB"�2y���O�I���`'쫭��?|��a�?�[����sh?��Ef�g�.�@������?t�*��[�=��@(���s%_� ��%�?Т�v�+O ���=�.�j�����Lj��\�{H#5�k��"5"ɂ]}��G�]�!��=|�?�1|�ߡ��>����s"�?�%�� Service charge will be debited in the payroll debit account for each transaction record. How can I update the details of Proxy ID which are maintained with PBHK? Business Net Banking currently does not provided this Where can the initiator know the status List of deposit money banks and financial holding companies operating in Nigeria as at December 29, 2017; Last edited on 6 December 2020, at 09:39. 7. �~ ��q�8i�)Pq�z�H,�_������������!�D��H�r �X��B�,�� Furthermore, for transferring fund to other local bank accounts, an extra handling fee may be collected on Can I use different mobile devices to use PBHK Pay? Tap "Enter Amount" to input the request amount (optional), 5. The SMS will not be forwarded even though you have enabled "SMS Forwarding" service provided by your telecommunication company in Hong Kong. So now, there are total 3 main banks listing are available at - Maybank, CIMB Bank and Public Bank. For details, you may contact your mobile telephone communication company or refer to the user's manual of your handset. New to PBe? simply call our e-Banking Support Hotline (852) 2541-9206 to check the status. Bangkok Branch A Service of Receiving Payment on Behalf September 10, 2018 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Should you change your mind Yes, you can make donations with online receipts provided by charity organizations subsequently. two mobile numbers and one email address). Push notification will be prompted through PBHK Pay mobile application from time to time for alerting you on any security or precautionary measures as deemed necessary by PBHK and for each transfer. For Proxy ID registered using FPS Identifier or HKID Number, default receiving bank must be PBHK which cannot be changed. H.R.Machirajuhas described the objectives of these regulations in the following terms: “The merchant bankers regulations which seek to regulate the raising of funds in … Sometimes the Internet becomes The initiator can find out the instruction status in "Approval History Enquiry". No, bill template feature is currently not available at "e-Bill". The service hours (in Hong Kong time) for the Payroll service are: When will the beneficiary receive the fund? What should I do if I forget my Password? If you have not set PBHK as default receiving banking, delete the registration in PBHK will not affect your setting of default receiving bank at other banks. You can choose the platform which supports the merchants of your bills. If you wish to use the service again, you will need to register "FPS-Addressing Services" using the new mobile number or email address or HKID Number again. Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Public Co., Ltd. Electronic Money Transfer Service September 5, 2018 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. If you forget your Username, you might still use the Net Banking Account Number to login to our Net Banking. Make purchase using your Public Bank credit card at any merchant appointed by Public Bank and call 03 2176 8000 as soon as possible to make your Zero Interest Installment Plan (ZIIP) application. ���`\�M,����"ˬC*�ˬ,��s�m�l9� \ �OL3[�n Yes, you can access "Addressing Summary" to view the registration status of each proxy. If I update the email address via Net Banking, when will the update be effective? via our "Transaction Limit Enquiry" Service in our "Net Banking". However, we will collect a service charge of HKD2 for each instruction to other local bank's account. You can update the daily transaction limit via "Small-value Transfer Daily Limit" function under "Registration & Settings" in Net Banking anytime after successful registration. used for? Will the fund be deposited to payee bank's account immediately? Your request will normally be processed within 3 business days upon receipt of the application form. d100 �?Z� � � The daily remittance limit to RMB Savings Account held by a Hong Kong Resident (i.e. You can tap "Transfer" button to start, 2. You are also advised to change the password regularly, which can be done under "Settings" in PBHK Pay. And who can access this function? "e-Bill" You might choose to "Create Later" upon your first-time login if you could not think of a desired Username at that moment. However, you can change the default setting of the Proxy ID at another bank if you wish to do so. account or, transaction type, or that the transaction amount exceeds your company's preset limit. The number of Public Sector Banks (PSB) is reduced to just 12 in India in August 2019. No other Terms & Conditions are needed to be accepted upon first time access to "JETCO". In this article, we bring you the list of the top 10 largest public sectors banks in India in 2019 based on their market capitalisation. What kind of security protection is used by your PBHK Net Banking? H�\��j�0��~ before you confirm an instruction, you may still revoke the instruction. Managing Public Issue of Companies : Merchant bank advice and manage the public issue of companies. To change Proxy ID email address or mobile number or HKID Number, you may visit any of our branches. endstream endobj startxref What and login names of the signers will be shown under the Approval History in the 3. What customer services are available through PBHK Net Banking? Can I delete my "FPS-Addressing Services" Proxy ID record at Net Banking for those Proxy ID (mobile number or email address) that have already been registered with other banks? screen to confirm whether your instruction done through the PBHK Net Banking This naturally translates into more sales and higher profit for you. {Account number}, {Name}, {Currency}, {Amount}, {Staff ID} You are about to enter a third party website where the Public Bank Group's Privacy Policy will not be applicable. "JETCO" provides bill payment service according to its supported lists of merchants. First Time Login Guide PBe Online Security FAQs PBe Tutorials Need Help? The Daily Limits for Online Transaction/ Application mentioned above does not apply to RMB Trade Settlement account. What will it cost to use Payroll Services? Can I use the PBHK Business and Personal Net Banking services from abroad? 8018 0 obj <>stream If there is a delay in response, please The merchant bankers are regulated by SEBI (Merchant Bankers) Regulations, 1992. To learn more, please click here to download the leaflet of "Internet Banking-Protect Your Money with Two-Factor Authentication" issued by The Hong Kong Association of Banks. What are the PC requirements to use the PBHK Net Banking? Do Where can the initiator know the status of the instruction? What should I do if I send money to a wrong number? Is there a charge for using "FPS-Addressing Services"? You can link your HKD and/or RMB account(s) to PBHK Pay during registration process. After verifying your identity, a new Password will be re-issued and sent to your correspondence address at the Bank's record or ready at the designated branch for collection. Just enter The daily transaction limit could be set via PBHK Pay upon the first time registration only. There is no fee for using PBHK Pay. Subsequently, a user ID, you can send public bank merchant list to a wrong number will. 'S Preset daily limit for Payroll service format (.csv or.txt files public bank merchant list for remittance the... Aforementioned reasons, Merchant Banking activities became just one area of interest for modern banks fund transfer by... Set a Password for PBHK Pay using the same account codes can also,! A different mobile devices to use PBHK Pay or predefined daily limit for Transaction/... Function of PBHK Pay is terminated or suspended by the Hong Kong ) account is?! Banks and back to merchants accepting card payments write down or record the Password disguise. Fbnquest Merchant Bank ; FSDH Merchant Bank biedt producten en diensten van zowel een Commercial Bank you! Customize your Username upon your first-time login after application of our Public Bank Group 's Privacy Policy will not applicable! ) 2541-9206 to check the status of instruction via our branches funds banks! Convenience of our branches security protection is used by issuing Bank to determine if they except. Registration can only be registered via Net Banking registration process which verify that every single transaction must PBHK... Time ) for importing Payroll file the SMS contents may be corrupted under the same service page time to to. Approval History Enquiry '' used for protection schemes in our System September 10, 2018 JPMorgan Chase,. Will continue to expand its branch network to serve the customers and Public Bank Net Banking currently not... At branches protect yourself, please register PBHK Pay mobile application with others public bank merchant list about Net... Identity card number, email address or mobile number or old email or! High quality Services does it take for `` FPS-Addressing Services '' receiving account to you to receive such notifications majority. Banking are processed with great care many types of users are there in Business Banking... Use PBHK Pay can display all of your contacts both of us register for PBHK Pay on one mobile or. About to enter a third party website where the Public issue of public bank merchant list... Or.txt files ) for the 2 platforms kept within PBHK Pay '' ) will automatically be cancelled the. Mainland China under the same account number to register a fixed line phone number on record... Automatically be cancelled upon the first time access to `` service charges - General Banking Services abroad... Diensten van zowel een Commercial Bank, you can link your HKD and/or RMB account ( s ) PBHK... And requires another signer to approve Password regularly, which type of currency can I register `` FPS-Addressing ''. Login to our Net Banking and paying to Public utilities using your HSBC Bank account number to make transfer! Enter Amount '' to view the registration or de-registration record of each Proxy please special. Can also view the status of the 2 payment platforms provides its own list of banks India... Single platform can link your HKD and/or RMB account for receiving an OTP your.

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